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                    Member: Robyn Richardson

                    Club: Litchfield MN


Details:  My weight loss journey began late January when a friend approached me at the gym and told me I looked like I had lost a lot of weight.   I felt like I had and since I have not owned a scale or weighed myself in a couple of years; I thought I would get on the scale at the gym.  I really thought I was going to be pleased at what I saw.

Well, to my horror I discovered I weighed more than I ever have in my life.  The scale read 168 lbs. and I’m only 5 3-1/2”.  So I mentioned this to the manager, Elsie, and she encouraged me to keep exercising and watch my diet.  I started coming to the gym every day and using the treadmill for 35-45 minutes with an incline intervals program or intervals of higher speeds.  I also cut down on meal portions, eating at night, between meals, and substituted one of my meals with an Isagenix shake.  I started losing weight almost immediately.

It’s now three months later and I’ve lost 20 pounds!  I have begun to wear clothes that I have not been able to get into for quite some time.  During the past three months, I have had Elsie to encourage me and I am very thankful for her support!  Besides fitting into my clothes, I have a lot more energy and it’s so much easier bending over and running up and down the stairs. 

I would like to thank Elsie and Anytime Fitness!  It’s such a great place to come and exercise, and I cannot over emphasize how important Elsie’s support has been for me." 


                    Member: Joshua Adair

                    Club: South Fargo


Details: “I was 35 years old and every bit of 400 lbs. (probably more but most bathroom scales won't weigh that high) when I finally came to terms with the fact that I either had to lose weight or die.

I started cleaning up my diet but I knew that I needed to increase my activity level. I had kept a membership at Anytime for years and had used it exactly twice at this point. I've had more "exhausting" workouts since, but the most "difficult" workout I have ever done in my life was walking into the gym for the first time since deciding to live a healthier lifestyle. I was far too heavy to run on the treadmill so I spent about 20 minutes on an elliptical machine then limped out of the gym with two cramping calves and sense of accomplishment for taking that first step. I continued with cardio, added in weight training over the next 6 or so months and eventually began working with a personal trainer. Andrea Fennern, my trainer, was an amazing source of training and nutritional knowledge. More importantly though, I think, she was a source of motivation and emotional support through my journey over the next two years.  Since the days of being exhausted walking up half a flight of stairs I've lost 160 lbs, run several half-marathons, hit a 305 lb bench press, and gained a sense of self-worth that I wouldn't have thought possible at my heaviest. Anytime Fitness, their staff, and the rest of the gym rats that I see every day have made this journey not only possible, but a lot of fun at the same time.”​

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