Our approach will make your

team engagement strategies seem weightless.


Enjoy your premier 24-Hour

Anytime Fitness clubs. 

Plus access to over $300 in starting credits towards membership and other "Partner Perks".

Your partner in creating or improving company policies that promote healthy behaviors and habbits

Access to i-Phone and Android app-based "Virtual Coaching" to encourage healthy and active behaviors at all times

Access analytics to pinpoint where to allocate your wellness dollars for the highest ROI

Creating a stronger sense of care with your employees.

Give your team the gift of better health & wellness.

Empowering your team with  opportunities for professional and personal development 

Strategic and targeted programs for the highest staff engagement. We take the guess work out of  workplace wellness

Ongoing expert support provided to ensure  the  highest success rates within your organization

Sharing over 50 years of combined experience in the fitness and wellness industry, we bring a wealth of experience in workplace wellness. In addition, we have partnered with hundreds of companies and organizations to implement and maximize their lifestyle programs. 

With the integration of new tools and resources, we are now able to take workplace wellness to new heights. TruWell is an industry leader in assessment, targeting, facilitation and superior engagement of your employees in our programs!


We generate results for your team, improving your return on investment in your people. Our knowledge will save you time and money by leading the way to your most effective wellness efforts ever!





Andrea Gehrke


Anytime Fitness

Wellness Solutions


Through our proven experience, we are able to connect with every individual to meet them where they are receptive and comfortable. Our professionally developed approach fosters the highest engagement and retention possible. 

We understand that no workplace is the same so we work with you to identify creative opportunities with the resources you already have. Furthermore, no two fitness goals are the same so we apply that same creativity to develop flexible programs. Our mission is to make each employee successful and comfortable in the process!


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